Is Extratorrent website safe? No, it is not safe. Piracy torrent sites ask you for your personal information to unblock or while signing in and then may leak your personal data on the dark web, exposing your personal and private data in front of potential hackers. was once a biggest bittorrent system. Our goal is to provide an easy-to-use directory and search engine for all kind of torrent files. Visitors of can upload torrents to this site, tracked by any BitTorrent tracker. One of the main reasons you should visit extratorrent is that they have high quality torrents and very friendly website and a vibrant community. You 09/06/2020 · When you seed files, other users will only be able to see the VPN IP address and not your own. This helps you to stay private and safe. The Best VPNs for Torrenting. When choosing a VPN to use with an ExtraTorrent alternative, there are a few key features you need to look out for: P2P-friendly servers that allow torrenting. With more than one million torrent files and over 200,000 visitors per day. Over the years a lot of ISP have blocked access to our site. A lot of ExtraTorrent proxy sites have helped us, to stay online. Thanks guys! It was a hard decision, but the only way to safe the ET crew and its member. We hope to see a lot of you in the underground. However, torrents fans need not despair. If you’re looking for sites with similar content to ExtraTorrent, there are plenty of them out there. Today we’re going to list the best alternatives to ExtraTorrent for 2017 so we can recommend some safe and reliable torrent sites which will give you access to all of the content that you want. Read

The site's growth shows that it is widely accepted as the real alternative to the former You can now register a new user account on for free. Visitors can search and contribute to ET community by adding new extratorrents and posting comments on new torrents.

Users were hopeful when, in the days after ExtraTorrent was shut down, a new site purporting to be a replacement for it appeared at the domain However, this site is not endorsed by the original ExtraTorrent developers and seems to be merely a Pirate Bay clone. It’s best to stay away from clones of sites which are made by unknown developers as they can be potentially shady – some fake … Can't load ExtraTorrent? Try our official mirrors: - - - 2006-2017 ExtraTorrents

Dec 26, 2015 You can still try using ExtraTorrent by either using a proxy server which might be a trap for a lot of Is it legally safe to download torrents from torrent websites?